Wheel Building

Wheel building here at Downland Cycles is done by our DT Swiss qualified wheel builders. Our Wheel Mechanics can custom build you a wheel to suit your application and needs. Whether you are road racing, track or fixed rider, tandem, 
touring, mountain biking or a leisure rider, we can build or repair a wheel for you.There is more to a wheel than how light it is. It is a common question we get asked every time we are asked to build a wheel set. When we are wheel building, how little it weighs is not the first consideration, we can weigh it for you after it is built. What is most important when we are building your wheels for you is that we are building using the correct components for the task you want to use the wheels for. Correct rim type, hub type and spoke type for the individuals weight, riding style and riding discipline. Once we have these key factors then we can start wheel building.Below is a description of the components that we build our wheels with, various hubs, rims and spokes. Give us a ring on 01227 709706 to talk about your wheel building needs or if you know what wheels you want building order from the drop down list below.


Wheels are hand built using Sapim double butted stainless steel spokes and brass nipples.


Bicycle Wheel Building The most popular choice, there is a rim in the range to suit everyone. We can tailor your riding perfectly with a Mavic rim
Bicycle Wheel Building Maybe not the most well known rim brand but making some of the finest touring rims you can buy.
Bicycle Wheel Building Hubs built for the British weather. Strong hubs, well sealed bearings and importantly, fully serviceable with all spares available. Well worth the price.
Bicycle Wheel Building Some say the Rolls Royce of hubs but we think Royce are the Rolls Royce of hubs. Chris King are good though, no doubt about it, legendary sealing and a free hub body noise without comparison
Bicycle Wheel Building Royce by name Rolls Royce by nature. Classic quality and as they say themsevles, British Engineering Excellence
Bicycle Wheel Building Campag sadly now only make their hubs available in the Record range. Very nice but a shame there is no choice. 
Bicycle Wheel Building It might sound like rice pudding but hubs and rims are excellent. These are amongst our favourite hubs for road wheel building. Campag and Shimano both available at a very reasonable price,
Bicycle Wheel Building A brand that needs  no introduction, Shimano make good hubs. XT for touring and Dura Ace for racing, fully serviceable and spares always on hand.