Professional development programme

We believe in developing ongoing relationships with all our frame builders from occasional hobbyists to commercial builders. We are happy to provide anything from ad-hoc advice and support to bespoke professional development programs. We provide everything from workshop hire, ongoing tutoring and mentoring to honest appraisal of every build process and outcome. We can also help with business advice such as Insurance and Safety testing.

The Downlands Frame builder Professional Development Programme is structured to help you achieve the skills, confidence and knowledge necessary to becoming a professional commercial frame builder.

The development programme is designed to take you through all aspects of the frame building business enabling you to set up as a frame builder.

The course is split into modules which allows flexibility in the programme.

The development programme is designed to take you through all aspects of the frame building business enabling you to set up as a frame builder.

Cost: £6250 inclusive standard tubing and consumables.

Accommodation: £42 per night inclusive all meals, refreshments, laundry

Duration: 30 Days – 6 days 1:1 and some research and design home work set minimum 2 Days.

Subjects covered:

Bike fitting.
You will learn the theory and practical process of bike fitting. We bike fit you so you can experience first hand the steps involved then you carry out a fitting service and bike adjustments on 3 customers

Frame design:
Using Bike Cad Pro you will design frames for a number of different disciplines.
You will be guided through frame geometries, how to intemperate manufacturers drawings and how to build a frame around customer requirements.
A number of designs will be made which include road racing, touring bike, 26" mountain bike, 27.5" mountain bike, 29" mountain bikes, hybrids and city bikes.

Frame building:
All aspects of frame building are covered in the course.
You will build frames with lugs and fillet brazing using both silver and brass and an option to tig weld.
3 frames design and keep: 1 frame set design for EN testing.

Two frames: Reynolds 631 x1 lug and x1 filet, one frame: Reynolds 631 or 853 lug, filet or tig and one frame:  built with tubing of your choice.
One of your frames will be sent to be sent to Bureau Veritas EN tested


Vocational qualification registration and certification:

IMI Frame Building and Design VRQ Level 3 601/4576/6 QCF

4 Frame Builds.

Frame 1.  Your own design using Reynolds 631 tubing (road or mtb): Fillet or Lug brazing

Frame 2. Your own design using Reynolds 631 or 853 tubing: Fillet, Lug or Tig Welding

Frame 3. Pre-set design 631 mtb or road for EN testing (fees not included) – shows due diligence and demonstrates competence.

Frame 4. Your own design using any tubing (surcharge £450 for stainless)

Training and Skill Development 

Frame designs
Manufacturers geometry charts
Bike CAD design
Bike fitting
Workshop Safety, Legislation, Policies and Customer Care.
Tube cutting and Mitring
Brazing and Torch Skills
Fillet brazing and lug brazing
Tig welding
Alignment Checks
Braze-ons and Fittings
Reaming and facing
Finishing and preparing for painting

There are practical and theory elements to the course. The course will be run both during the day and some days we will be working into the evening so we recommend that you take advantage of the on site bunkhouse - £35+vat per night inclusive all meals.


Practical and written knowledge: Theory of design, fit and geometries, legislation and customer care, risk assessment, properties of metal and heat, build process. All assessments are completed in a timely manner during the course when student and trainer agree standard has been met to proceed. Final practical assessment is completed at the end of the course.

Contact Julie for dates, detailed modules and payments or 01227 709706




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