Serotta International Cycling Institute

Our bike fitting service is a scientific approach to getting you riding your bike comfortably. Every cyclist looks for the optimal position on their bicycle which, until now, has been determined by a number of "rules of thumb" and instinctive feeling.

While all very nice,  these do not respond to the demands of a highly technical modern bicycle. For the job to be done correctly, a bicycle should fit as if made-to-measure. To ensure that you are fitted correctly fitted we have invested in training for our staff at the Serotta International Cycling Institute to ensure that our bike fitting service is using the latest techniques to ensure both power and comfort for you on your bike. 

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Our fully customisablie fitting jig allows us to position you on the bike to find your best riding position the jig allows us to quickly and easily change saddle height and adjust saddle setback adjusting the length and height of the handlebars from the saddle is also easily done to give you the most comfortable position on the bike. If you are comfortable you will ride faster and further. The fitting starts from the feet and works upwards.

We first ensure that you have your cleats in the correct position, the get you on the jig and adjust your saddle height and setback. Once this is done we can then check your cleat side to side position before finally determining your reach and drop to the bars.

Cost of the fitting is £150

Once this is complete we then record the information, and then setup your existing bike to your new position

For the fitting you will need to bring: your shoes and cycling kit and existing bike (if you have one).

Cost of the fitting is £120
please allow 2-3 hours for the fitting and bike setup

When bike fitting for a new custom frame we use Bikecad. A design program that allows us to take your bike fitting measurements and design a frame that will be perfect for you.